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My name is Jeannie Frankowski and I started J. C. Lilly Windows after spending 25 years of my life working in the window manufacturing industry.  

During my career, and throughout my various roles I was always known as the  “go-to-gal” in my company as I had earned a reputation as someone who could get the job done. My knowledge about the industry is extensive and far reaching as my twenty-five year career encompassed: product sales, product development, production, installation, quality control and customer service. 

Because I maintain a strong professional belief about my company’s role and accountability it should be noted, my approach to clients is not necessarily uniform or a standard amongst my competitors.  Unlike larger companies my goal is to remain small and take on only those jobs that fit our capabilities.  I want to maintain a personal relationship with each client.  Therefore we are limited to the size and type of the project.
Having a background in manufacturing gives me the advantage of knowing a great product from a mediocre one.  Every component that goes into making a quality replacement product makes a difference in its energy performance and assures a great installatoin...the thickness of the material, the type of glass, weatherstripping, screen material and the list goes on.
Replacing your windows is a major remodeling decision and needs to be carefully considered.  After years of hearing complaints from customers about the money they paid and the treatment they received I knew exactly what I wanted to provide to the customer.  So I left the manufacturing industry and hired the best installation crew in an effort to meet or exceed homeowners expectations.
J.C. Lilly promises to provide the highest level of service by giving you total personalized attention with excellence in labor.    
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